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January 18, 2015 todorbb 0 Comments

With the new technology and speed of internet connections these days, it is extremely easy to get in touch with our friends and relatives even if they are physically far away from us. A question follows when planning a wedding is that “Do we still need to physically send wedding invitations to the guests if it is so easy to contact and inform them about the details of the wedding via email?”

In fact some couples have already made use of the advance of the internet technology and tried to spread there wedding message though the internet. A question about this, however, is that “Will we lose some values of the wedding if we only spread the message on the internet?” The answer is absolutely yes.

There is no doubt that the speed of internet connections totally changes our lives. We can send information and contact our friends or relatives with just a few clicks, and they can receive our messages nearly immediately after the clicks.

Considering a wedding, it may take a few days, or even a few weeks for the guests to receive the wedding invitations if we are sending them by mails. In this case it seems that there is no reason for sending physical wedding invitations since we can send the wedding messages to the guests in a very short time, comparing with sending the wedding invitations by mail.

In fact couples can spread their wedding message through internet by using websites and these websites usually contains all the detailed information about the wedding ceremony. They can even put their wedding photos in the website such that the joy of their wedding can be easily shared. This is something a physical wedding invitation cannot easily achieve.

With these wedding websites, a guest can reply if he or she will attend the wedding ceremony easily, by using something call form to email computer online programs. If there is no such program in the website, they can still reply by using email. This make life easier since the guest will not need to send the RSVP back to the couple by mail.

Besides spreading the wedding message to the guests, a wedding website is in fact spreading the message to the whole world. Everyone can access the wedding website, and the couple will be sharing the joy with the whole world.

Although it is so convenient by using the internet to spread the wedding message, it does not mean that we do not need physical wedding invitations anymore. A physical wedding invitation is still something essential for a wedding. If we think of the case thoroughly, we have to admit that a wedding ceremony is not only a ceremony, it is a memory indeed. Every detail and moment when planning the wedding forms the memories of couple, which will last for the whole lives of them. The memory of designing and making the wedding invitation should contribute to these memories.

Besides, human is something physical, we tend to love something we can touch and feel. A wedding message on the internet cannot be touched by hands. On the contrary, because of different materials for making a wedding invitation, there are textures on the invitation and the guests can touch and feel by their hands. This is something that the internet cannot achieve, at least for the time being.

Due to these reasons, a physical wedding invitation is still essential for a wedding. However, it should be working well with the internet such that the memories discussed before will be maximized.

A couple can firstly prepare a wedding website, or even a wedding blog to share every moment in the process of wedding planning. After that the couple can design and produce their very unique wedding invitation and send them to the guests as usual. The website URL can be printed on the wedding invitation so that every guest can “engage” in the process of wedding planning.

By doing this, the guests can on one hand have the feeling of intimacy by holding the physical wedding invitation on hand and on the hand feels the joy of wedding planning of the couple from the internet, or to be exact, the wedding website.

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