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June 2, 2015 todorbb 0 Comments

There is no doubt that you will need to face lots of pressure when you are planning a wedding. One you decide to marry, you need to prepare tremendous amount of items. These include the wedding venue, the wedding cake, the guest list and even small details such as the color of the wordings for the address printing on the wedding invitation envelope. However, it will not be as stressful as you think if you really plan everything well.

When you decide to marry, the very first thing you need to do is to settle the wedding day. It sounds very easy to do – just pick a day and set it as the wedding day. In fact it is not just picking a day. A few issues will be needed to consider.

First of all, the wedding day should be convenient to both the bride and the groom. And it will be better if it is a Saturday. It is because most guests will have holiday on Sundays, a wedding on a Saturday can let the guests to enjoy the wedding till very late at night.

Besides, the wedding day should not be crashing with public holidays or festivals. It may be very romantic for a couple to have their wedding on the Christmas night but it will cause problems indeed. A real case is that there was a couple who planned their wedding on one Christmas night. Many guests were not able to attend the wedding reception. Even some guests came to the wedding, they tended to leave the wedding very early. This will totally ruined all the effort of planning the wedding.

If the couple is in Hong Kong, they will need to take even more care about the wedding day. Traditionally no one will get marry in July of the Chinese calendar. This is because July is “the month of ghost and death” in the Chinese calendar. A wedding in this month will render bad fortune to both the couple and the guests. Besides July, couples should also avoid to have weddings on festivals such as the Chinese New Year, if they are in Hong Kong.

After the wedding date is settled, you will need to decide what kind of wedding you would like. A beaching wedding will be different from a wedding reception in a hotel. The choice can be very personal but you will need to plan it beforehand since it will affect your choice of other items for the wedding such as wedding gown.

If you go for the choice of beach wedding, you may want you and your guests to walk on the beach with their bare foot. You will need to inform the guests about that. Besides, since it is a beaching wedding, it will be held outdoor. You should not choose an ice-cream wedding cake since it can easily melt in an outdoor environment unless you are planning for a winter beach wedding, which is mostly not the case.

Furthermore, you will need to define you budget. You do not only need to define the total budget but also a breakdown of budgets for each item for the wedding. You should always ask the wedding vendors if the price will change when the specifications are different from what you originally ask for. This will help to prevent you from paying for something you do not plan to pay for. Some of the items you will need to decide the budget on are the food, booking of wedding venue, wedding photography, wedding invitation (and the postage of them), gown and dresses, wedding cake, hiring of wedding planner (if needed) and also honeymoon.


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